National Certificate: Accommodation Services: Level 2

This qualification has been developed for the accommodation industry. It brings together all aspects of housekeeping and basic supervision. This qualification will professionalize the industry and is applicable to all sectors, from small bed and breakfasts to large-scale hotels. The qualification will lead you to the accommodation services diploma.

National Certificate: Food & Beverage Services: Level 4

This qualification has been developed for people in the food and beverage service industry (hospitality). It brings together elements of food and drink preparation and service as well as supervision. This qualification is applicable to all sectors, from small restaurants to large-scale hotels. The qualification will lead you toward the Food & Beverage Management diploma.

Skills programme: Assistant Chef Level 2

The purpose of this skills programme is to promote professionalism and work ethics in the sector whilst providing portable skills into other areas and areas of specialisation. It will provide learners with opportunities for further education and training at higher levels as well as continued professional development. This skills programme is aimed at learners entering the hospitality industry in cooking services.

New Venture Creation Qualification (NVC) Level 2 & 4

This qualification has been developed to meet the needs of small, medium and micro enterprises in the formal and informal sectors. It provides training standards against which prospective entrepreneurs can be trained and it meets the needs of society by providing individuals with an opportunity to uplift themselves by becoming an entrepreneur or small business owner.

National Certificate in Fast Food Services NQF Level 3

This purpose of this programme is to equip learners with a variety of personal, organisational and vocational skills in order to fulfil the function of a Cook – Fast Food. This include providing a table and drink service, assisting in a carvery and buffet service, and providing a wine service. Safety and security in the working environment is developed, as well as performing basic calculations, maintaining customer service and internal relationships within the organisation, and developing one-self to view this programme as an entry point to a further carer in hospitality.

National Certificate: Fitness NQF Level 5

This qualification has been developed for professional fitness trainers or instructors, and it is intended to uplift the standards of fitness practitioners in South Africa. This qualification will provide articulation with a range of qualifications in sport coaching, sport science, and sport management and physical education areas of practice